ISA President: xxxxxxxxname

ISA Executive Committee

The ISA Executive Committee is ISA’s supreme executive body. It comprises the ISA President, 3 other members elected by an ISA Congress, plus two elected by the Italian Club Association and one by the Italian Leagues & Divisions.


The ISA administration conducts ISA’s business and has been based at the House of Italian Subbuteo in Rome, since 2017.

Committees & panels

Nineteen committees are involved in shaping ISA’s policy across the broad palette of Italian Subbuteo.

ISA Organs for the Administration of Justice

ISA’s Organs for the Administration of Justice are the disciplinary bodies (the Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body and the Appeals Body), the Ethics and Disciplinary Inspectors and the Club Financial Control Body.

Together for the Future of Subbuteo

ISA’s strategy covers the period 2017 to 2024 and is based on four main pillars: connecting Subbuteo with football, establishing grassroots, creating trust, engaging competitiveness.

The history of ISA

Formed in xxxxcity in 1972, ISA has become the guardian of Subbuteo in Italy by working closely with its Regions, Counties and other stakeholders to promote, protect and nurture the sport at all levels.

In its current official Association form is from 2017 and its base has moved to Lazio and Rome.